Photo Cred:  ICU Photography
Photo Cred: ICU Photography

Na’Kole Watson is a thirty-one-year-old trailblazer who hails from the small town of Kenly, North Carolina.  As a survivor of over twenty-two suicide attempts (she stopped counting after the twenty-second), she is extremely familiar with the affects that suicidal ideation, bullying and discrimination can have on an individual.  Because of the things she endured, she began to reach out to others who had endured similar things.  Those organic outreach methods have transformed into what is known today as #NotOnMyWatch™.  To date, Na’Kole has spoken to 800+ people who have been on the verge of suicide, and has achieved a 100% success rate (as of July 29, 2016).  Her life experience coupled with her unique gifting and purpose has allowed her to achieve this monumental success.  In her words, “#NotOnMyWatch™ is not what I do.  It’s who I AM.  It’s who God made me to be.”

Na’Kole is an accomplished author who published her first book, “I Speak Life: A 30-Day Journey from Suicidal Ideation to Victorious Living” in early 2016.  She has since written four additional books which will be available for purchase in September of 2016 (Suicide Prevention Month).

A prolific speaker, Na’Kole travels far and near speaking about her testimony as well as equipping and empowering people of all ages to overcome adversity in their lives.  She is able to speak in a candid and impactful manner about a lot of things that are often swept under the rug.  Her speaking platform includes schools, businesses, childcare centers, conferences, church events and concerts.  Na’Kole also conducts empowerment seminars which teach participants about how to identify and properly handle suicidal ideation and bullying.

Na’Kole works hard to make a difference in the lives of all she meets.  She is very active in several community organizations and she seeks to be even more active as #NotOnMyWatch™ continues to flourish.


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